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Where Can Visual SLAM be Used?

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Visual SLAM is ideal for sophisticated AR projects because it is possible to save maps and reload them later. You can augment virtual content on trained 3D objects or environments and integrate them into various fields such as assembly, manuals, industrial machines or games.

First application example, AR Navigation

▲ Indoor AR Navigation with MAXST VPS

Recently, MAXST released upgraded Visual SLAM which is integrated with MAXST VPS (Visual Positioning System), which detects the exact position and pose of the camera accurately within 50cm of an error range.

The area with limited access of GPS or network, Visual SLAM can position users through VPS for indoor shopping malls or construction sites merely with one camera lens locating not only the current location but also pose of users by recognizing surrounded objects or facilities.

We have integrated AR navigation into our company office. While ordinary navigation guides the way with 2D line, but AR navigation guides the way with 3D virtual content. A stingray appears in the above video, you can just follow the stingray to reach the destination.

▲ Google Maps AR

Likewise, Google applied AR technology to map apps, Google used AR navigation to guide visitors at Google I/O 2019. It seems that navigation is the thing that AR can be applied most quickly.

What other cases will follow? MAXST Visual SLAM is still being upgraded!

Meet the updated news in our blog!

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