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SLAM System Configuration

Updated: Apr 1

Figure 1. General SLAM System Overview

Camera, LiDAR, depth camera, IMU and GPS are input data of SLAM. Camera is being used very frequently among the public. The price of camera is cheap and camera is the basis of SLAM recently.

LiDAR possesses very high degree of precision. However, the price of LiDAR is very expensive. So, it is mainly used in SLAM, which requires high reliability.

Depth camera is installed on Apple’s iPad Pro, Google’s Tango, and several Android devices from Samsung. It is used to overcome weakness of SLAM that uses camera.

Besides, various sensors such as IMU and GPS are used complexly for SLAM’s smooth motion.

In summary, since a relatively high-spec CPU can be used in environments that require precision such as robots and autonomous driving of automobiles, SLAM is mainly used, which combines various sensors such as LiDAR, depth camera, stereo camera, and GPS. Because it uses a relatively low-end CPU for phones and smart glasses, SLAM is mainly used as a method that uses an IMU in addition to a monocular camera.

Figure2. Depth Camera

Figure3. LiDAR

Figure4. GPS

Figure5. IMU

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