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MAXST AR SDK Use Case - Metatrip, AR Play - Love Story

Today, I would like to introduce the use case of MAXST AR SDK after a long time.

Those are two applications, Metatrip and AR Play - Love Story, developed by Letsee, a company that is well known for providing web-based AR development tools in Korea.

First of all, Metatrip is an interesting app where you can see colorful AR contents in front of the sculptures outside of COEX and even leave AR reviews of your visit.

As you can see from the screenshot above, there are functions that allow you to take pictures of AR contents that appear near the COEX building, or leave a review for each content, and it is also linked with our Maxverse!

If you go to the East Gate of COEX, run Metatrip, and look at the COEX signboard, you will see a green forest as shown in the video below, and it is useful to check the current events at COEX.

Also, you can leave a review in the form of photos or text on each sculpture's content, so you can record different notes!👍👍

Before entering COEX, I hope you will enjoy viewing the splendid AR contents through Metatrip and have a fun of your visit.

If you are interested, please download it through the link below👇

Go to Google PlayStore >>

Go to AppStore >>

Second, AR Play - Love Story app is an AR game based on a webtoon.

In this game, in which a couple who are in a bad mood start dating at the COEX Starfield Library, they come to understand each other little by little as they go around Starfield and solve their missions.

You can be guided by AR navigation to the place you need to go to solve the problem, so you don't have to worry about getting lost in spacious COEX!

If you experience the AR Play app while browsing the many shops in Starfield, you will definitely be able to maximize the fun of your visit to COEX.

Please download the app through the link below👇 right now and use it at COEX Starfield if you are curious about the ending!

Go to Google PlayStore >>

Go to AppStore >>

Before entering COEX, I hope that you will change your mind by viewing interesting AR contents, and after entering, you will feel a sense of accomplishment as you solve missions one by one.

For more information about the AR SDK,

please click the developer site below👇

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