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MAXST AR SDK has been upgraded to version 6.1.0.

On September 19th, MAXST AR SDK has been upgraded to version 6.1.0.

In 6.1.0 version, you can experience greatly improved recognition performance, number of recognizable targets, and loading speed.

For further details, please refer to the information below.

Improves recognition performance

The recognition performance of Object Tracker, Object Fusion Tracker, Space Tracker, and Space Fusion Tracker has been improved, allowing contents to be augmented quickly and precisely even at a long distance compared to the previous version.

Improves the number of recognizable targets and loading speed

In version MAXST AR SDK 6.1.0, which provides the Packaging Tool, the number of targets that can be loaded has been greatly improved.

Also, the map data packaging technology allows us to recognize a larger number of targets than before and provides faster data loading speeds.

If you would like to vividly experience MAXST AR SDK 6.1.0, please watch the video below.

Watch MAXST AR SDK 6.1.0 video

Summary of MAXST AR SDK:

  • Light, but powerful performance

  • Reasonable Price

  • Optimized for AR app development

For more information, please click the banner👇 below!

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