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MAXST AR SDK Client Interview - INCHKYIV

Updated: Jan 9

We would like to share a review of MAXST AR SDK by INCHKYIV, which provides marketing solutions specifically for pharmaceutical industry.

For over five years, we have relied on MAXST AR SDK. Especially we appreciate its capability with all the devices, make it accessible to wider range of users.

SPEECHKI AR, developed using MAXST AR SDK, is being used to help patients easily understand medical information and to help medical personnel remember medical data during patient care.

Image Recognition​ and Cloud Recognition, features of MAXST AR SDK have been applied to this app.

Would you like to hear an interview with INCHKYIV who has been using various functions such as Object Tracking, Marker Tracking, and SLAM for a long time as a regular customer of MAXST?🤩

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to MARIA POLIAKOVA of INCHKYIV for responding to the interview.🙇‍♀️

We plan to introduce numerous customers and use cases of MAXST AR SDK in the future.

Experience MAXST AR SDK 6.0, which is light but powerful, reasonable, and optimized for AR app development.

👇Try it now for free

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