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Why MAXST Visual SLAM is So Special?

Updated: Apr 1

MAXST launched AR SDK v.1.0 as first in Korea in 2012 and then released SDK v.2.0 in 2016, SDK v.3.0 in August 2017, and SDK 4.0 in August 2018.

MAXST AR SDK includes Instant Tracker, Visual SLAM, Object Tracker, Image Tracker, Cloud Recognition, Marker Tracker, QR Code Tracker, QR/Barcode Reader and Smart Glasses Calibration.

Especially, MAXST Visual SLAM is optimized for the smartphone environment, and it is possible to create a virtual map by extracting the point cloud of the real environment with just only one RGB camera.

Extracting Point Cloud with Visual SLAM
SLAM and point cloud

MAXST Visual SLAM requires lower battery consumption and SLAM can be implemented with a single RGB camera, easily applicable for robots, drones, or vehicles with minimum investment.

Currently, SLAM is available for objects within the range of table area and will expand to indoor scale or city scale soon.

Above image shows a camera that uses SLAM technology is extracting point cloud.

On the right PC screen, the point cloud and camera traces are recorded by dots and line for the left space by SLAM technology.

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