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MAXST’s 5G Industrial AR Service Saving Billion Dollars

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Enoylity Technology, a famous tech YouTube channel in the United States, used and reviewed MAXST's industrial AR solution MAXWORK.

Enoylity Technology is a tech YouTube channel that has 360,000 subscribers and has produced a lot of videos based on precise analysis and reviews on the latest IT products.

This time, a detailed review video of MAXWORK was just uploaded. It is about AR remote collaboration, AR manual authoring, and utilization functions that can improve the convenience and efficiency of work.

If you look at Enoylity Technology's review, you will find out how MAXWORK can save time and money in many fields, such as manufacturing, maintenance, and education, while improving the convenience and efficiency of work.

In the 5G era, especially in the current pandemic, fast and accurate remote collaboration is necessary, not optional.

MAXST offers MAXWORK, an industrial AR service that can save $1 billion at an affordable price.

As soon as you connect to the official MAXWORK website ( and sign up as a member, you can use it for free for one month with up to 3 users.

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