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High Performance: MAXST Sensor Fusion SLAM

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

MAXST is going to open its Sensor Fusion SLAM to the public on 27th July, 2020.

SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) is technology that enables drones, unmanned robots, or cars to carry out automatic driving by perceiving environment with sensor and creating maps that are identical to the real world.

MAXST Sensor Fusion SLAM integrates a camera with rapid 3-axis rotation and acceleration data of IMU sensor to create a powerful SLAM technology. It tracks a target expeditiously on surfaces with a few feature points and traces user movements with accuracy.

MAXST Sensor Fusion SLAM has three big advantages:

01 Featureless Environment

Other Visual SLAMs hardly operate in a featureless environment, as videos without distinct visual attributes pose a challenge when extracting viable feature points.

MAXST Sensor Fusion SLAM accurately tracks objects using data collected with gyroscope and accelerometer in IMU sensor to operate meticulously.

02 Fast Movement

Blurs in fast camera movement obstruct feature point extractions.

MAXST Sensor Fusion SLAM tracks fast movement of a device precisely by merging a camera with an IMU Sensor.

03 On-The-Spot Rotation

A device with traditional SLAM technology needs to relocate from its original spatial boundary for it to fully activate.

MAXST Sensor Fusion enables On-the-Spot Rotation, in which a camera pivots within a given spatial realm and tracks an object with precision.

Anyone who is interested in Sensor Fusion SLAM,

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