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MAXST AR SDK Use Case - inspectAR

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Today there is an interview video that was taken by Zoom, with Mihir Shah, a business developer of inspectAR.

inspectAR is an industrial AR solution company and is using MAXST AR SDK with their solution.

Q. What is inspectAR?

Before we show you this video, let me briefly explain what inspectAR is doing and what its product is.

inspectAR has offices in San Francisco, USA and Newfoundland in Canada. It is an IT company that has developed a solution that makes the hardware design process easy to implement, based on augmented reality (AR) technology. The name of this solution is the same as the company name!

It is said that inspectAR enables workers in the electric/electronic and hardware development fields to more intuitively access electronic devices to perform important tasks such as debugging, rework, and assembly testing.

Q. The reason why inspectAR introduced AR to this industry and performances as the result of introducing AR

The main reason we applied AR technology was to make communication between hardware engineers more comfortable and efficient.

Q. The reason why inspectAR chose MAXST AR SDK

After investigating numerous AR technology development companies, we chose MAXST. First of all, our main customer group, the electronic circuit industry, is very delicate and sophisticated. We have concluded that MAXST’s 3D object tracking technology suits best to this industry. MAXST provided quick delivery, fast reply, and reasonable prices.

As we first expected, MAXST immediately received our feedback and worked on it to the desired time and quickly reflected the requirements.

Q. Future plan with inspectAR

We do not need to say it more whether we are going to work more with MAXST in the future. The tracking function of our solution is further stabilized with technology including 3D object tracking. I look forward to more contracts with MAXST and to achieve great results in the future.

For more information, let’s watch this video interview with Mihir Shah.

inspectAR website:

MAXST AR SDK website:

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