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MAXST AR SDK Got Recognized from Silicon Valley

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

"MAXST AR SDK technology has made our program very effective.

Also we are very satisfied with a reasonable price and quick support."

In a video interview that was hold on 23rd July, Mihir Shah, a Business Developer of inspectAR, emphasized the excellence of MAXST AR SDK.

inspectAR is a startup located in Silicon Valley, the United States, and is making innovations in the field of board debugging through MAXST AR SDK.

inspectAR recently announced inspectAR 2.0 solution and is receiving favorable responses from users through its sophisticated application of AR.

Mihir said,

‘'Because the circuit board needs to be handled very elaborately, we decided that MAXST's 3D object tracking technology was the best fit. With our products, we can handle everything that is important to the circuit board and hardware design process.

As a result of inquiries to numerous related companies, we selected MAXST, which showed the greatest intention to collaborate, as well as fast response, reasonable price, adherence to schedule."

He continued,

"As a result of conducting a survey of 3,000 customers, the positive response that inspectAR makes work easier was absolute. Of course, the foundation of this achievement was the collaboration with MAXST which has made the board debugging practice easier."

Mihir Shah also mentioned that, "I want to make greater results through efficient communication with MAXST in the future. As we have done so far, we are looking forward to providing detailed answers from MAXST and an estimated time to solve the problem whenever a problem occurs."

It is certified that MAXST AR SDK has been recognized for its performance in Silicon Valley, the United States through quantitative and qualitative growth as well as the satisfaction of inspectAR, which worked with MAXST.

Meanwhile, MAXST recently released MAXST AR SDK 5.0, which can augment AR contents in images, objects, and even surrounding environments by adding MAXST AR Fusion Tracker to 8 functions such as Image Tracker and Instant Tracker.

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