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MAXST and its Core AR Solutions

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

What is Augmented Reality, MAXST’s Expertise?

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that shows a user by applying a 3D virtual object to real world objects that the user sees and is also known as ‘eXtended reality (XR)’. For example, in SF movies, when you wear glasses and look at something, the information of the object you see is shown.

As Pokemon Go, released by Niantic in July 2016, became popular worldwide, interest in AR technology has exploded. Due to the technical characteristics that enable users to acquire intuitive information, it is applied in various fields such as medical, broadcasting, education, manufacturing, games, and advertisement.

MAXST, the Best AR Company

MAXST is a software technology company established with the goal of "becoming the best company in the field of AR" by adding the highest-level expression "~st" to "Max", which is the best by developing an augmented reality engine with domestic source technology.

It is developing a variety of industrial AR solutions based on AR engines developed with its original technologies, and has major customers include Hyundai Motors, Samsung Electronics, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering and KT.

Recently, MAXST is preparing an AR content platform business using computer vision-based location positioning technology (VPS) by integrating AI technology with AR technology that has been accumulated over the past 10 years.

MAXST AR Technology Overview and its Role

MAXST possesses AR technology that recognizes and tracks reality with only one smartphone camera. There is no need for a separate device other than a smartphone, and AR technology can be instantly implemented in objects and spaces visible on the camera without a marker.

Also, it provides various platforms such as manuals and remote support solutions so that other companies can easily adopt AR technology.


MAXST AR SDK is an all-in-one cross-platform AR engine that provides all the functions and environments required for AR app development. If you want to produce the best results in a convenient and easy way and at a reasonable price, MAXST AR SDK is the answer.

Over 7,000 developers have used it, and about 2,500 apps are registered in the APP Store so far.

From MAXST developer site (, you'll find everything you need, from free SDK downloads to documentation, forum utilization, target images, and license management.

MAXST's Industrial Integrated AR Service, MAXWORK

Recently, MAXST has launched MAXWORK, a zero-contact industrial AR solution for companies struggling with COVID-19.

MAXWORK is a solution provided in an easy and inexpensive service form so that many small and medium-sized enterprises can utilize MAXST AR solution, which has been proven in the facility management field of large enterprises.

It can be used immediately without building a separate system, and provides all functions required for the actual site, including AR manual authoring and 1:N remote support.

MAXWORK consists of three modules: MAXWORK Create, MAXWORK Direct, and MAXWORK Remote.

  • MAXWORK Create, AR manual authoring tool allows existing facility management work manuals to be converted into AR manuals.

  • MAXWORK Direct, the AR Manual Viewer increases the accuracy and safety of workplace.

  • MAXWORK Remote is a module that enables remote collaboration using 1:N connection between multiple platforms such as PC/Android/iOS with AR stickers, and drawing functions.

As COVID-19 is prolonged, it is expected that up to 30% of productivity (Speed-Safety-Accuracy) can be improved through MAXWORK verified through the introduction of large-scale customer companies.

You can apply for a 30-day free trial through MAXWORK homepage:

Industrial Competitiveness in 5G era, MAXST Sensor Fusion SLAM

SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) is a technology that makes a virtual map by detecting a surrounding environment with a sensor, such as a mobile robot or a vehicle, which can control its own operation, and estimates its location within the map.

This SLAM technology is used in robot cleaners, unmanned vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, and drones.

Recently, MAXST has successfully developed a visual slam (Visual SLAM) technology that reproduces and tracks an indoor space as a 3D map using only mobile device’s camera.

The scope of technology for virtually mapping an environment of a certain size has been extended to indoor spaces.

With a smartphone camera, it accurately finds the exact position and pose of the camera with an error range of about 50 centimeters indoors.

By illuminating the interior space, you can analyze the current location on the AR map and the direction the camera is looking, and augment AR contents in the point cloud identified in the keyframe.

Since MAXST indoor space tracking technology does not require a separate sensor device, it is expected to be applied to various places in daily life, such as indoor shopping malls, factories, and construction sites.

Know-How of MAXST, a Global AR Source Technology Company

Under the CEO Jae-wan Park’s management, MAXST is composed of AR experts with abundant research and development experience in global companies such as Samsung Electronics, who are from prestigious universities such as KAIST, Seoul National University, and Yonsei University.

MAXST's technology is also proved by 8 domestic patents, 3 US patents, and an excellent patents award in the AR field.

MAXST was also selected as a K-Global 300 company sponsored by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and registered as a member of Microsoft Biz Spark as a venture company with unlimited growth engines.

And it secured a lot of good customers including Hyundai Motor, Samsung, LG and KT.

Based on these excellent employees, proven technology, and numerous references,

MAXST plans to expand the market influence as a global Top AR company by pursuing the development of an AR platform that even non-experts can easily use.

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