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The Best and Latest AR Glasses and Smart Glasses

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

We would like to share an article about the best and latest smart glasses.

Smart glasses and augmented reality gadgets are considered the next big breakthrough for wearables - and the early iterations of many spectacles are already here.

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Each has slightly different aims, but, in essence, a pair of smart glasses tend to focus on putting useful connected features in front of your eyes. And, as you'll discover in our list of tested picks below, some are more unobtrusive than others in achieving this.

Interestingly, the smart glasses concept is now being developed by both startups and tech giants alike, too, with glasses from the likes of Meta/Ray-Ban, Snap, and Amazon all available to buy.

As this is still a fairly unknown area of wearables, we've done our best to round up only the very top options worth considering right now. Let's dive into our picks.




(Source: WEARABLE)

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