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The Korean Minister of Science and ICT and Future Planning visits the MAXST booth at MWC 2022

Currently, MAXST is showing off its augmented reality and metaverse technology at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2022, the world's largest IT and mobile exhibition!😆

We were drawing a blueprint for the metaverse of the near future by meeting with a number of famous IT companies such as SAP and Xiaomi to find points for business collaboration.

On March 1st, Hye-sook Lim, the Korean Minister of Science and ICT also delivered a keynote speech under the theme of ‘B5G (Beyond 5G) and 6G: Toward the Era of Digital Exploration’ at the Ministerial Program of the event held under the title ‘What’s next for the Mobile Sector’.

In addition, Minister Lim introduced meaningful achievements since Korea commercialized 5G for the first time in the world in April 2019, and explained various efforts and digital new deal policies for the spread of 5G.

She emphasized, “In the past, the era of voyages pioneered a new continent by sailing on a ship, but in the future, based on innovative digital technologies such as AI and cloud will converge to pioneer a digital new continent represented by the metaverse.”

Next, Minister Lim visited the booths of 21 small and medium-sized companies including MAXST as well as domestic and foreign global companies such as Samsung Electronics and SKT in the MWC exhibition hall to focus on the direction of future technology development such as next-generation network technology, metaverse, and AI.

Lim Hye-sook, the Korean Minister of Science and ICT visits the MAXST booth and listens to the staff's explanation

When she visited the MAXST booth, she heard about MAXST, a company specializing in metaverse platforms, and the reality-based virtual world 'Tlön' that everyone creates together.

She also said that she hoped MAXST would achieve great results in the future! :)

You can also watch the YouTube video below👇 for more information about Tlön, which was showcased at that time.

Afterwards, Minister Lim encouraged domestic companies at a meeting attended by domestic SMEs and Startups, listened to their difficulties, and discussed future support plans.

MAXST, as a representative metaverse company in Korea, also attended the meeting to emphasize the need for innovative policies for global advancement, listen to the opinions of other companies. So we were able to get an opportunity to look back and supplement the future direction of MAXST.

Minister Lim and officials from MWC participating companies at the meeting

Lastly, she said, “To plan together the future of digital transformation through 6G and metaverse, and to prepare for technological change, global cooperation is necessary.” And she also said, "I will lead the latest global trends through Korea's excellent ICT technology and show leadership in cross-border cooperation".

Along with Minister Lim's promise, MAXST will further develop the reality-based metaverse that anyone can easily create and lead the real metaverse globally.

If you are curious about MAXST's Virtual Convergence Technology (XR), please check the MAXST platform and solution’s official websites below.

MAXST Homepage:

MAXST AR SDK Developer Site:

MAXWORK Homepage:

MAXWORK Smart Factory Homepage:

MAXST VPS Homepage:

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