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Today, we would like to introduce one of the use cases of MAXST AR SDK after a long time

It is an interesting app with over 30,000 downloads called SFUNGE AR, developed by RORO ART PLAN in Korea!🤩

SFUNGE AR with the catchphrase 'Show Trick Art in Augmented Reality' allows users to experience AR through their smartphone, tablet PC, desktop, or beam projector, etc.

When the AR marker registered in the RORO ART PLAN appears on the camera, the authored content is augmented and unfolded in front of the user's eyes.

In other words, virtual elements such as 3D modeling or video can be vividly played in the real world.

Then, shall we experience the fun of SFUNGE AR through the video below👇?

Starting with the moving snowman character as shown in the video above👆,

even the animals that seem to be right next to you.

Also, as in the video above, the scene of a disaster that is more realistic than reality has been realized.

In this way, to accommodate the diverse needs of customers by developing not only text/drawing/image/video/3D models but also customized content and user interaction, SFUNGE AR can implement various styles of AR and VR.

And it is free and has a simple UI like the image below👇, so anyone can use it easily.


There is a Photo/Palette/Download/Settings icon at the top, and a record button and Shooting/Recording menu at the bottom.

The photo icon uploads the photo the user wants, the palette icon draws for emphasis or notes on the screen, and the download icon downloads the contents registered in RORO ART PLAN.

You can also click the bottom menu to take an image of the app screen or record a video to check or share it later.

In the SFUNGE AR, the user creates a marker, asks RORO ART PLAN, and when the marker is registered in the AR marker list, it is played in the form of a video or 3D animation that the user wants.

These contents can be used in various fields, such as delivering real-time information from promotional media such as pamphlets and brochures, adding immersion to the map or information board, and enhancing the vitality of exhibits such as works of art!

So far, we have looked at the SFUNGE AR to which MAXST AR SDK is applied.

I think it would be even better if it could be used not only for business, but also to create your own special content and use it to enjoy pleasures in your daily life.

We plan to actively introduce numerous use cases of MAXST SDK in the future and ask for your continuous interest for MAXST!

Thank you,


If you are curious about Sponge AR or

would like to experience it yourself,

you can download it from the Google PlayStore

and App Store through the link below👇

Go to Google PlayStore >>

App Store >>

For more information about the AR SDK,

please click the developer site below👇

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