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MAXST AR SDK Use Case - Kyowon 3D Animation World Masterpiece Fairy Tale 2

Today, we would like to introduce a use case of MAXST AR SDK again.

It is an application called Kyowon 3D Animation World Masterpiece Fairy Tale 2 of Kyowon, Korea's famous education company.

I think you've figured this out by looking at the screenshot above, where the cute little prince watering roses appeared right in front of your eyes. Isn't it amazing?!

First of all, Kyowon's 3D animation world masterpiece fairy tale series has been highlighted for a long time as its strengths are its clean style, readability, and easy learning and post-reading activities.

Since it was released as an educational app that shows the pictures painted by the learner in 3D AR using the 30 kinds of sketches that make up the story of the 3D animated world masterpiece fairy tale 2, you can see the vividness of the contents in the book.

In addition, various effect buttons and a fun-changing voice modulation recording function were recently added, exciting music plays on each page, and taking pictures with 3D images is a bonus!🤩

While watching the video below, we are going to see this app that makes the character in a fairy tale move vividly right next to us.

Step 1. Color the sketches in the World Masterpiece Fairy Tale 2 with colored pencils

Step 2. Run the app and show the completed coloring page

In addition, this app is available on the Google Play Store and App Store.

It can be downloaded for free, and you can experience it freely even if you do not purchase books.

On the web page that opens when you click here, you can print the desired sketch from among various sketches, color it, run the app, and show the sketch in camera mode.

As in the video above, the sketch is vividly augmented in 3D with sound effects.

I believe that not only children but also adults will feel as if they have returned to their childhood and at the same time feel a little bit of happiness by coloring pictures beautifully in their tiring daily life, calming themselves, and taking pictures with the finished painting that comes to life right next to them.

We plan to actively introduce numerous use cases of MAXST SDK in the future and ask for your continuous interest for MAXST!

Thank you,

Source: The Webpage for Kyowon 3D Animation World Masterpiece Fairy Tale 2's Sketch, Google Play Store - Kyowon 3D Animation World Masterpiece Fairy Tale 2, App Store - Kyowon 3D Animation World Masterpiece Fairy Tale 2

If you are curious about Kyowon 3D Animation

World Masterpiece Fairy Tale 2 or

would like to experience it yourself,

you can download it from the Google PlayStore

and App Store through the link below👇

Go to Google PlayStore >>

App Store >>

For more information about the AR SDK, please click the developer site below👇 ​

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