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[Another World Created by Everyone] 1. The Concept of Tlön

Updated: Jun 26

Tlön, a virtual world like reality that we create together

1. The Concept of tlön

2. Characteristics of Tlön

3. The Technology Used in Tlön

4. User activity in Tlön

The metaverse trend has continued around the world since last year.

This year, it has emerged as a key keyword in all fields including economy, society, and culture!

In addition, NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and P2E (Play to Earn) are also expected to become mainstream.

This is because activities in the real world are expanded to the metaverse, and NFTs enable assetization and monetization, creating a cycle of production, consumption, investment, and trading.

Global big tech companies such as Google, Apple, and Meta have been gearing up in the Metaverse business.

MAXST, which provides metaverse platforms and services, has also built a special metaverse world.

It is Tlön, a reality-based virtual space that expands and connects to the real world through AR technology!

Tlön is derived from the virtual world created by scientists, engineers, and scholars who organized a series of secret associations in Borges' novel.

It is created and expanded by forming a 3D spatial map of the earth we currently live in using MAXST’s spatial map editor, then reconstructing all parts of the world, and combining these tlönized cities to form a wide tlön.

Users can build their own cities and create society in Tlön, and they can freely travel anywhere they want, meet each other through their avatars, and enjoy various experiences such as games, concerts, exhibitions, and shopping.

Tlön will be released worldwide soon! And more detailed information about Tlön will be shared in an additional post in the future, and we would like to introduce it at MWC 2022 (Mobile World Congress 2022), the world's largest mobile industry fair to be held from February 28th to March 2nd.

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