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[Another World Created by Everyone] 3. The Technology Used in Tlön - 2) VPS

Updated: Apr 1

Tlön, a virtual world like reality that we create together

3. The Technology Used in Tlön

2) Visual Positioning Service

3) Avatar Generation Technology

4. User activity in Tlön

Following the 3D Reconstruction, a technology that builds a virtual space like reality, we would like to talk in detail about Tlön's core technology, Visual Positioning System (VPS), which connects the real space and the virtual space.

In February last year, we briefly introduced VPS in the post MAXST Officially Launched Spatial AR Platform Technology!

VPS is a technology that creates a spatial map for a wide range of indoor and outdoor spaces and precisely calculates the position and posture of a mobile device in a three-dimensional space through vision-based image recognition.

GPS, which is applied when using the map application outdoors, is difficult to use indoors and has a large error range of 2m to 100m, making it difficult to measure the exact location. VPS complements this GPS, while locating the user based on images.

Just as when we wake up in the morning, we see the ceiling, wardrobe, desk, etc., and recognize that we are in our room among the spaces of our home, it is to understand where the user is through the video image in the camera.

Because VPS is based on image processing and machine learning, there are no indoor or outdoor constraints, and it has a margin of error of less than less than 25cm.

In addition to phones, various devices with cameras, such as smart glasses, robots, and drones, measure the position and posture of devices in 3D space with 6 degrees of freedom. Therefore, if you use this together with GPS, the accuracy of location information is further improved.

VPS consists of spatial map construction, spatial map recognition, and spatial map update technology, and are implemented as follows👇.

1. To build a spatial map with MAXST's VPS, the user takes a 360 camera and walks around the area that needs to be mapped.

2. By sending the captured 360 camera image to the cloud server, we extract the feature points of the surrounding environment within the image and create a three-dimensional point cloud.

3. The generated 3D point cloud is made into a more precise shape on the cloud server, and then aligns on the 2D map.

4. After tagging POI information, that is, points of interest, such as buildings or shops, displayed on the 2D map, a mesh that combines physical spatial information and point clouds is created to match the topography and building information, and the spatial map is finally created.

5. When this sophisticated spatial map is built on the cloud server, the user transmits the surrounding space image captured by the camera to the cloud server.

6. By matching the transmitted spatial image with the built-up spatial map, it accurately locates anywhere indoors and outdoors through localization to identify the user's location information.

By combining realistic content with VPS, it can be used in various fields such as AR navigation, AR advertising, and AR games. Also, by adding a VR space that resembles reality, an XR space with immersive technology is realized.

Since AR and VR constituting this XR space utilize the same mesh information, interconnection in the XR space map is possible. And by combining POI data, various digital contents, and 3D graphic elements such as avatars, the realistic virtual world Tlön is completed.

VPS technology is a core element of Tlön that everyone creates together. It has also been implemented in MAXVERSE, a metaverse development platform that integrates metaverse development tools and various services.

Click the link below👇 to check out the closed beta version released on August 4th!

So far, we have learned more about VPS, the core technology of Tlön.

We are sure that MAXST's differentiated VPS will make it possible for everyone to experience the uniqueness of Tlön, which will soon be unveiled to the world.

In the next part, we will explain Avatar Creation Technology that Resembles Reality!

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