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[Another World Created by Everyone] 3. The Technology Used in Tlön - 1) 3D Reconstruction

Tlön, a virtual world like reality that we create together

3. The Technology Used in Tlön

1) 3D Reconstruction

2) Visual Positioning Service

3) Avatar Generation Technology

4. User activity in Tlön

It's been a while since we've uploaded MAXST's reality-based metaverse Tlön series!

Today, we would like to talk about core technologies of Tlön that connects the real space and the virtual space.

Tlön's core technologies are as follows:

Technology to build realistic virtual space (3D Reconstruction)

​● Technology that connects real space and virtual space (Visual Positioning Service)

​● Technology that generates avatars that look like real people

The beginning of Tlön begins with the formation of a virtual space that is completely identical to reality.

​The technology required here is 3D Reconstruction, which was released in the post (2. Characteristics of Tlön) on May.

Today, we will explain in detail the process of building a reality-based 3D virtual space through 3D Reconstruction.

First, we shoot with a 360 camera to obtain an image of the real world, which will be the basis of the virtual space.

Feature points are extracted from the acquired image using SfM (Structure from Motion)* technology and a Sparse Point Cloud (primary point cloud) is created.

SfM (Structure from Motion)*: Technology that infers camera movement that occurs when shooting around an object at various locations, and restores a three-dimensional shape based on this

By improving the density of the sparse point cloud, make it a Dense Point Cloud (second point cloud), extract the geometry, and create a mesh focusing on important parts.

And it creates associations between 2D images and 3D point clouds to map latitude and longitude and aligns the point clouds with satellite maps in the real world.

Finally, texture the captured image onto the mesh and you have a 3D XR space map!

Please refer to the built indoor and outdoor three-dimensional virtual space images below.

Indoor – COEX Starfield Library

Outdoor - COEX Bongeunsa Station

Outdoor - Coex Samseong Station

We'll also take a look at FAQs related to 3D Reconstruction!

#1 Why are we shooting the surroundings with a 360 camera in the beginning?

This is because the probability of a blind spot in recognizing a location is low, and there is a lot of overlap between images, so the geometrical precision is high.

In addition, if the 3D spatial map is later expanded or updated, photos taken with users' cell phone cameras can be used as a crowd sourcing method, and it has the advantage of being able to naturally combine with the existing street view.

#2 After the 3D virtual space based on reality is constructed, is it possible to cope with the situation where the characteristics of the place are changed due to the replacement of shop signs or interior remodeling?

Yes, MAXST is planning to respond in the Crowd Sourcing method.

Based on the video data uploaded by users after taking pictures of the changed place with the camera, the image around the user's location will be updated.

And by measuring the degree of change in the spatial map through newly collected user images, an automatic alarm will sound for the area where the change has occurred so that it can be quickly replaced with the latest image data.

So far, we have explained in detail 3D Reconstruction among the core technologies of Tlön.

It is a very important technology that allows anyone with a camera to capture reality as it is and create a virtual space that has the same appearance as the real space into a wide-area space without any restrictions.

In the next part, we will explain the VPS technology that connects the real space and the virtual space!

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