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MAXST is Participating in NextRise 2021!

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

MAXST will participate in NextRise 2021, Seoul, the largest global startup fair in Korea, held at COEX from June 28 to 29! 🤩

Source: NextRise Website (

This is the third year that NextRise is held and about 250 companies are expected to participate.

While we introduce ourselves to visitors at NextRise booth, AR navigation, and XR Telepresence, MAXST's representative implementations of metaverse, will be shown.

As shown in the video below, a special opportunity that you can experience indoor AR navigation directly inside the COEX Mall is going to offered.

We would appreciate many of your visits!

Those who wish to visit NextRise 2021 can enter for free by registering for participation and applying for a pass from the link below:

MAXST looks forward to meeting many of you at NextRise and spending valuable time together.

Thank you for your many visits! 😆

If you are curious about MAXST's Virtual Convergence Technology (XR), please check the MAXST platform and solution’s official websites below.

MAXST Homepage:

MAXST AR SDK Developer Site:

MAXWORK Homepage:

MAXST VPS Homepage:

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