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MAXST is Participating in MWC Barcelona 2023!

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

As spring comes, MAXST is participating in MWC Barcelona 2023 (MWC 2023) which will be held in Barcelona, ​​Spain!🤩

Source: MWC 2023 LOGO PACK

MWC is an exhibition where you can see the latest market and technology trends in the global mobile communication industry and is hosted by Global System for Mobile communications Association (GSMA).

MAXST is going to welcome visitors by introducing its technology and products at Congress Square Stand CS179, Fira Gran Via for 4 days from February 27th to March 2nd!

In fact, MAXST participated in MWC last year as well.

Go to MAXST's MWC 2022 Participation News Post👇

Last year, we introduced the concept of MAXST's metaverse based on videos and leaflets, but we plan to explain in detail our product's features and how to use it, focusing on demonstrations where you can personally experience the metaverse this year.

The products introduced at CES can also be seen at MWC.

You will be able to see MAXVERSE, an integrated platform for metaverse service development, MAXST AR SDK, an AR development platform, and MAXST AR glasses that add AR to everyday life. We will make it possible to directly scan, place AR content and check it out in real time.

Especially we will demonstrate Space Tracker of MAXST AR SDK 6.0, which will be officially released soon, allowing visitors to directly scan a real space, place AR contents, and check it out in real time.

Anyone who is curious about MAXST's metaverse technology, wants to experience the true XR metaverse, or wants to discuss collaboration/affiliation with us, please feel free to visit the booth below!😆

At this event, MAXST expects to meet many people, publicize our metaverse platform and services, expand the XR metaverse business, and at the same time UPGRADE the fun and convenience of people around the world.

See you at MWC 2023!

This news was also published on the online media below👇

If you are curious about MAXST's Virtual Convergence Technology (XR), please check the MAXST platform and solution’s official websites below.

MAXST Homepage:

MAXST AR SDK Developer Site:

MAXVERSE Developer Site:

MAXWORK Homepage:

MAXWORK Smart Factory Homepage:

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