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MAXST Successfully Completed METAVERSE EXPO 2022!

Updated: Apr 1

MAXST participated in METAVERSE EXPO 2022 held at COEX in Seoul for 3 days from June 15th to 17th.🤩

This exhibition was held under the theme of 'Metaverse, a digital new continent of infinite possibilities!'. Also, conferences and various special exhibitions were held at the same time, showing the latest technologies and trends related to metaverse, blockchain, and NFT.

As a result, 121 companies participated and more than 15,000 visitors attended.

There were so many people that we didn't even have enough leaflets in our booth!

In this exhibition, all areas where metaverse can be introduced such as ▲Platform ▲NFT ▲Software·Production Engine·Technology ▲Service·Content ▲Hardware·Device ▲5G·Cloud were shown.

In addition to the NFT special exhibition, more than 30 high-level conferences were held under the themes of metaverse, a new economic paradigm led by blockchain, a digital new continent of infinite possibilities, and NFT, and received high responses from participants.

MAXST introduced Tlön, a realistic virtual world we are creating together, and MAXVERSE, the best XR metaverse development platform.

We have explained in detail how MAXVERSE is different from other XR development platforms, and what are the limitless activities and ultimate goals that the users can do.

If you were unable to visit, or if you would like to understand the metaverse that

MAXST is aiming for, please watch the video regarding Tlön, XR Telepresence, and MAXVERSE below 👇.

Next, you can feel the atmosphere of this expo, which was a success, through the photos taken at the time!😊

MAXST booth full of many visitors

MAXST staff explaining MAXVERSE and Tlön-1

MAXST staff explaining MAXVERSE and Tlön-2
Q&A site for metaverse products

Through this metaverse exhibition, MAXST demonstrates the uniqueness of MAXVERSE, which can be used in various fields such as indoor and outdoor XR navigation and XR telepresence, by making it easy for anyone to build a metaverse world where the real world and the virtual world coexist. And we emphasized the possibility of realizing a true metaverse through Tlön.

It was also an opportunity to provide clear answers to visitors' curiosity and questions about the XR metaverse, and to further strengthen the XR business through relationships with customers who are planning to build their own metaverse.

We sincerely thank everyone who visited the MAXST booth at the METAVERSE EXPO 2022 despite the hot weather, and we hope that this relationship will lead to a business collaboration relationship.

As Korea's leading metaverse platform & service provider that expands the space of life to the metaverse, MAXST will lead the metaverse where virtual and reality coexist with valuable customers and partners.

If you are curious about MAXST's Virtual Convergence Technology (XR), please check the MAXST platform and solution’s official websites below.

MAXST Homepage:

MAXST AR SDK Developer Site:

MAXWORK Homepage:

MAXWORK Smart Factory Homepage:

MAXST VPS Homepage:

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