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Minister of Korean SMEs and Startups Visited MAXST

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Following the MOU between MAXST and AERIX in early April, we would like to share even more welcome news! 🤩

Chil-seung, Kwon, the minister of Korean Small and Medium Enterprises and Startups visited MAXST last Friday (April 23).

MAXST CEO Jae-wan, Park (left) and Korean SMEs and Startups minister Chil-seung, Kwon (right)

[Photo provided by Korean ministry of SMEs and Startups]

Minister Kwon saw a demonstration of an AR indoor navigation built in MAXST office by applying VPS technology, and teleconference scene through XR Telepresence where AR and VR coexist.

Also, he experienced the Chinese character education content MAXST AR SDK applied, a floor plan that the 3D building is augmented, the AR manual, AR-based remote collaboration, and the AR content authoring functions of MAXST's industrial AR solution, MAXWORK.

MAXST CTO explains AR indoor navigation demo / Photo provided by Korean ministry of SMEs and Startups

MAXST staff shows XR telepresence demo / Photo provided by Korean ministry of SMEs and Startups

You can also view MAXST’s indoor AR navigation and XR telepresence demonstrations on the YouTube videos below! 👇

1. AR Indoor Navigation

2. XR Telepresence

Afterwards, Minister Kwon emphasized that he plans to strengthen the necessary policies so that venture companies can expand the space of economic activity of people by accelerating innovation in daily life and industry.

As soon as Kwon saw all MAXST’s demonstration, he said that MAXST’s technologies seemed to be fresh and satisfactory! 😄

Meanwhile, Korean Ministry of SMEs and startups built a 5th generation (5G) millimeter wave (28㎓) test bed for startups on the Pangyo startup campus for the first time in Korea in February to provide AR and VR content demonstration environment.

Especially this year, it plans to focus on fostering startups that will lead the non-face-to-face digital economy, such as educational contents using AR and VR technology, through Promising Startup Promotion Project in the Non-face-to-face Field, which invested $ 5.4 million.

The Korean SMEs and Startups Minister’s MAXST visiting news was also published in a well-known Korean IT media on April 23.

Click the picture below 👇 to go to the press release page.

If you are curious about MAXST's Virtual Convergence Technology (XR), please check the MAXST official website, MAXST platform and solution’s official websites below.

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