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MAXST Participated in Metaverse Playground.

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

On October 13th, MAXST participated in the opening ceremony of Metaverse Playground.

Metaverse Playground is an exhibition booth where you can directly experience and demonstrate the metaverse hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Radio Promotion Association (RAPA).

It is held near the East Gate of COEX from October 14 to the end of the year.

On the same day, the CEO of MAXST showed the AR navigation demo of Maxverse using smart glasses.

MAXST CEO is demonstrating AR navi with smart glasses.

If you have used AR navigation using the guidance arrows displayed on your smartphone screen until now, you can experience the route that appears right in front of your eyes more vividly by wearing smart glasses.

Everyone who visits the Metaverse Playground within this year can be more immersed in MAXST's Metaverse after wearing Nreal, so please give a lot of support to us!😎

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