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MAXST Releases MAXWORK 1.5, the Industrial AR Service

Updated: Feb 8

Experience Speedy and Flexible Remote Collaboration with MAXWORK 1.5

MAXST releases a new version of MAXWORK, the integrated industrial AR service provided in the form of Software as a Service. MAXWORK is composed of four AR features: Remote, Create, Direct, and Admin. This update focuses on faster and more flexible remote collaboration.

In the new version, users can share their PC screens and switch the shared screen to another member's screen freely during a call.

While sharing their PC screen, experts can deliver the different types of data such as documents, images, 3D CAD, design drawings to fieldworkers at once. This feature of MAXWORK 1.5 will greatly improve the speed and accuracy of remote collaboration.

The function of MAXWORK Admin is also updated. MAXWORK Admin is the integrated management site. The Administrators can register their members and check usage statistics by features (Remote/Create/Direct). This update enables administrators to set up Workspace, assign sub administrators and check the statistics easily.

Administrators can set up Workspace by company, team, and project unit. This feature helps users and their partners communicate more effectively.

MAXST provides a 6 months free pass of MAXWORK Pro License to new users, celebrating launching of MAXWORK 1.5. You can apply to this promotion on MAXWORK official website by 31 December 2020.

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