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MAXST Releases MAXVERSE Open Beta!

MAXST releases the open beta of MAXVERSE, an integrated platform for metaverse service development!🤩

In August, we shared the news of the closed beta for consortium operators of the XR metaverse project.

After successful pre-inspection through the closed beta test, MAXVERSE Open Beta provides metaverse spatial map construction tools, spatial maps, and a metaverse service development tools for FREE.

So let's take a look at the three major features of MAXVERSE.

First, metaverse spatial map construction tools include a spatial map CMS and a spatial map authoring tool.

Users can create and manage 3D spatial maps, and register and modify POIs through the spatial map CMS with images taken by cameras of the real world.

And the created 3D spatial map becomes a metaverse spatial map by arranging and scaling the direction of gravity and then placing POIs and topology on the 3D space in the spatial map authoring tool.

Also, the metaverse spatial map construction tool is based on MAXST's 3D Reconstruction and VPS (Visual Positioning Service) technology, so ANYONE can EASILY and QUICKLY create a metaverse space.

Second, MAXVERSE is currently providing metaverse spatial maps of Bukchon Hanok Village, Independence Hall, and Jongno!

In the future, even the metaverse spatial maps of various regions that users create through the metaverse spatial map constructing tools will be continuously added.

Third, metaverse service development tools include content authoring tools and various APIs.

Especially, the Unity plug-in content authoring tool includes an XR simulation function so that users can conveniently develop metaverse services without going to the field.

MAXVERSE plans to additionally provide the SSO (an integrated account login system) and various APIs including avatar system in March next year.

This news was also published on the online media below👇

If you have any questions about the MAXVERSE Open Beta and the free trial,

please click the banner below👇 to check it out.

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