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MAXST is Performing a MAXVERSE Closed Beta Test!

MAXST has been performing a closed beta test of the XR metaverse service development platform MAXVERSE from August 4th!!🤩

MAXVERSE is a metaverse development platform that allows anyone to build the real world into a metaverse space and develop VR and AR at the same time in the metaverse space.

We also introduced it at the last Metaverse Expo.

UI of metaverse development platform MAXVERSE

Once again, MAXVERSE is based on 3D Reconstruction technology, and anyone can easily and quickly transform the real space into a metaverse space and use its own VPS (Visual Positioning Service) technology.

It is MAXST's differentiated platform that can develop services applicable to both real and virtual spaces.

MAXVERSE can also be used in various fields such as digital twin, XR telepresence, XR advertising, education, tourism, shopping, where AR users and VR users can communicate as if they were in the same space.

This beta test is for a consortium of XR metaverse project hosted by MAXST.

We plan to do this by the end of October!

MAXST will provide spatial map building tools and XR Software Development Toolkit (XR SDK) sequentially through the MAXVERSE developer site, and will complete platform performance verification and improvement. Furthermore, we will conduct an open beta test where general developers can also participate from the end of October.

For more information, please check the link below.👇

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