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MAXST's VPS to Become an AI Company Beyond AR

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

MAXST carries forward a space-based AR content platform business called 'Computer Vision-based Positioning Technology VPS (Visual Positioning Service)’.

Then what is a VPS? Let's watch the video first below.

'VPS (Visual Positioning Service) is technology that pinpoints a user's location by constructing a 3D spatial map for both in/outdoor AR content creations.

The advantages of VPS are as follows.

1. This is a measurement technology using image processing and machine learning.

2. It is applied to the free range of use without restrictions indoors and outdoors.

3. It accurately recognizes the user's location by comparing the 3D map with the user's smartphone image.

4. This enables accurate and precise positioning of not only the user's location but also the direction information.

So what makes MAXST VPS more special than other companies?

1. 3D-AR map is automatically updated as you use

: As the user environment and the map creation method are the same, the map is automatically updated as you use it.

2. Indoor and outdoor seamless AR experience

: Since the indoor and outdoor 3D-AR map production method is the same except for GPS, continuous AR service can be provided.

3. Google 2D map data linkage

: It is easy to enter the global market by automatically showing POI data of indoor and outdoor AR navigation in Google Map.

4. 5G MEC network utilization

: Massive connection type service can be provided through 5G MEC network, and ultra-high speed and supernatural properties are maximized through 3D content streaming technology.

If you have any other questions about MAXST's VPS technology, Please contact us at

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