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MAXST Won the 2021 Quality Satisfaction Index 1 & Technological Innovation Award

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Hello everyone,

Now the short rainy season is over and the weather is getting hot in Korea.

We wish all of you stay healthy from the hot weather and COVID-19.

MAXST won the 2021 Quality Satisfaction Index 1 & Technological Innovation Award! 🤩


Especially the moment we saw the trophy, there has never been a more proud and satisfying moment than this.

This award was organized by Sports Dong-A, one of the famous press in Korea to provide quality satisfaction and product innovation, secure future growth engines, and view the quality and technology of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are paving the way for the global economy.

MAXST was selected in the Augmented Reality category and took this opportunity to show the potential of MAXWORK Smart Factory (MSF), an industrial AR solution that provides AR facility inspection and AR remote collaboration for smart factories.

MAXWORK Smart Factory (MSF) is a specialized model for smart factory facility inspection by upgrading MAXWORK that has easy AR manual authoring tool, AR manual viewer, and AR remote collaboration functions.

Most of the facility inspections in existing factories or manufacturing sites use paper check sheets, which is cumbersome and inefficient in management.

In this case, if MSF that has check sheet and inspection history management function is utilized, instructions will be augmented in the part of the equipment that needs inspection.

So anyone can easily and quickly conduct on-site inspection.

It is also noteworthy that the inspection results are computerized so that the person in charge can easily check the history on the web page later.

MSF, specialized for facility inspection is expected not only to increase the productivity of industrial site, but also improve safety by lowering the rate of sudden failure!

MAXWORK Smart Factory (MSF) will be officially released soon, and we are planning to share more details later.

Please give us your interest and support! 😆

If you are curious about MAXST's Virtual Convergence Technology (XR), please check the MAXST platform and solution’s official websites below.

MAXST Homepage:

MAXST AR SDK Developer Site:

MAXWORK Homepage:

MAXST VPS Homepage:


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