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MAXST Official Website Has Been Reorganized!

On April 26, the official website of MAXST ( was reorganized!🤩

For three months from January, 2021, members of the MAXST business marketing team, development team, and planning team have worked hard together and finally made great results.

The first reason for the reorganization of the MAXST homepage is that it was necessary to update the latest business status information on the existing homepage, which has been operating for over two years.

However, the most important reason is that in creating a metaverse world where virtual and reality coexist, MAXST wanted to make it easy to show all the business, vision, goals, and roadmaps in progress.

Well, we are going to tell you about the new and improved contents through the renewal of the MAXST website!

Improvement Points

Main Page in Storytelling Format

It was designed to tell the story of creating a space where everyone can experience the best, based on the MAXST mission, which is to become a key company in the metaverse world that provides the best solution for customer experience.


MAXST's Four Key Business Overviews

Reorganized MAXST homepage shows key points of the AR development platform, space-based AR platform, industrial AR solution, and AR device solution business in progress to create a metaverse world. It makes visitors understand readily at a glance.


Cumulative Customer & Reference Data Updated in Real Time

MAXST AR SDK download, application that our SDK is applied, and number of customers based on the original AR technology independently developed from establishment of MAXST are designed to be updated and displayed in real time.


MAXST History Shown Sequentially

As soon as you check the customer reference on the main page and scroll down the mouse, you can see the history of MAXST from the date of establishment to today.

From the first release of MAXST AR SDK, the history of preparing for the metaverse world, including the progress of several projects with large customers such as Hyundai Motors, KT, and Samsung Electronics, investment attraction, and domestic and international awards, is included.


Introduction Webpages By Product

We built webpages to introduce MAXST's AR development platform SDK, spatial AR platform Metaverse, and industrial AR solution MAXWORK.

If there are visitors who is curious about more details, a separate link has been applied to the menu bar at the top so that you can go directly to the official website for each product.


MAXST Recruitment Page

The recruitment page has been renovated so that those who wish to create an AR company beyond the best can easily check the MAXST job postings and apply directly to the right position.


Latest News and Public Information

We have prepared special webpages for the latest news of MAXST reported through famous media and public information, financial information, stock price information, and IR to share with shareholders and visitors.



As a result of all the members of MAXST website project TF, we were able to bear fruit.

We would like to express our gratitude to the marketing team in charge of the homepage outline and overall IA composition, search engine optimization (SEO), the planning team who provided generous advice on website design guidelines, and the development team responsible for the final homepage design and construction.

In addition, it was an opportunity to review the direction of MAXST in the process of newly establishing a company overview, recruitment, product introduction, and PR/IR pages.

We hope that all visitors to the renovated MAXST homepage will understand our values ​​and vision, our will as a metaverse innovative company, our technology, and fruitful results.

Click the picture below 👇 to go to MAXST renewal homepage.

If you are curious about MAXST's Virtual Convergence Technology (XR),

please check the MAXST platform and solution’s official websites below.

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