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MAXST AR SDK 6.0 is Officially Released!

On May 3rd, MAXST AR SDK 6.0, which has everything you need to develop AR apps was released!!🤩

You may be wondering how the new MAXST AR SDK is different from the previous version and its features.

Above all, MAXST AR SDK 6.0 has more powerful features with Space Tracker.

Space Tracker is a function that tracks and augments 3D space through 3D scanning and spatial map generation beyond images or planes.

It learns spaces up to 20mx20m in size, allowing you to quickly create spatial maps and precisely place AR contents in the space.

These functions are also implemented in an iOS app called MAXSCAN, so you can easily create a spatial map and augment contents by following the steps below👇.

If you want to know further, you can download it from App Store.

It's a free application, so download and experience it as much as you can!😁

👇Click to Download MAXSCAN

MAXST AR SDK 6.0 supports various AR glasses like Nreal and RealWear and development environments such as Unity, Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

Also, MAXST AR Fusion Tracker, which can be applied to any tracker of MAXST AR SDK, expands the map in real time to continuously track targets out of sight.

Furthermore, mobile-optimized algorithms are applied to quickly and robustly recognize and track targets on mobile, making it convenient to use.

Finally, since it provides all 9 features with one-time payment instead of individual payment for each features, you can use AR SDK with powerful performance at a reasonable price.

Please also watch the video below👇 to understand MAXST AR SDK 6.0 more easily.

Summary of MAXST AR SDK 6.0:

  • Light, but powerful performance

  • Reasonable Price

  • Optimized for AR app development

For more information, please click the banner👇 below!

You can try MAXST AR SDK 6.0 for free for 3 months with a Trial license!

👇Try it now for free

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