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MAXSCAN, a Spatial Map Authoring Tool.

We would like to introduce MAXSCAN, a spatial map authoring tool that allows you to experience Space Tracker, a new feature of MAXST AR SDK 6.0 through live video!🤩

We briefly introduced MAXSCAN through the last AR SDK 6.0 release announcement post.

View MAXST AR SDK 6.0 Post👇

You can scan a space using MAXSCAN, place objects on the scanned spatial map, and even experience augmented test using AR Tracker, one of the app's features.

If you want an easy and convenient AR implementation, click App Store link below and install MAXSCAN right now!

It's a free application, so do not hesitate to download!😁

Also, if you are interested in AR apps, or need to develop AR apps,

try MAXST AR SDK 6.0 having the following features:

  • ​Light, but powerful performance

  • Reasonable Price

  • Optimized for AR app development

👇Try it now for free

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