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MAXST, Participated in Korea Graphics 2021 Conference

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

On April 15th, MAXST participated in Korea Graphics 2021 conference hosted by CAD&Graphics.

Korea Graphics conference was the first event launched in Korea in 2012.

It has been held annually to provide the latest information for the graphic industry and to introduce success stories of building graphic solutions that are helpful in business.

This conference, held for the 9th time of this year, was progressed online for two days on April 15th and 16th with the theme of Visualization Technology Trends in the Metaverse Era.

Presentation session in which experts in each field participated as speakers to provide information on the latest graphic technology trends and new technology that includes domestic manufacturing fields, graphic-based DCC, VR/AR/MR, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and 3D printing industries was organized!

Kyu-Sung Cho, MAXST’s CTO made a presentation of AR Application in Manufacturing/Architecture and Metaverse Platform Development Cases.

He introduced examples of AR applications in the manufacturing/architectural field and explained the importance of the Metaverse software platform and the development trends in detail.

MAXST CTO is explaining a representative use case of MAXST AR SDK
A realistic virtual space built by MAXST is shown

This session was a great opportunity for over 1,000 participants to share AR original technologies that MAXST has developed for over 10 years, various references, and the current status and plans of MAXST as a leading company in the metaverse trend.😊

Please give us your interest and support for a global Top AR platform company MAXST which will continue to be a key member of the metaverse world where reality and virtuality coexist!

If you are curious about MAXST's business and our metaverse technology, please check the MAXST official website, MAXSTVPS of website, and XR telepresence Youtube video below.

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