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[Another World Created by Everyone] 2. Characteristics of Tlön

Updated: Apr 1

Tlön, a virtual world like reality that we create together

2. Characteristics of Tlön

3. The Technology Used in Tlön

4. User activity in Tlön

It's been a long time since we introduced you to what Tlön is.

This time, we would like to explain in detail the three representative characteristics of Tlön.

First, Tlön, a virtual world that looks identical to the real world, is formed using 3D Reconstruction technology.

As in the image above, 3D reconstruction technology captures the real world with a 360 camera to obtain a camera image, and extracts feature points from the image to create a point cloud. The point cloud is then matched with a satellite map of the real world, and camera images taken are textured into the mesh to create a 3D spatial map.

Sounds like a difficult skill that only experts can implement, right?

However, in Tlön, anyone with a camera can create a virtual space that has the same appearance as the real space into a wide-area space without restrictions by filming it as it is.

Users who visit the virtual space created in this way will feel as if they have actually visited the place.

Second, digital IP can be created, owned and traded.

Metaverse, the virtual space created by individuals, will be issued as an NFT in the future and will be able to be traded between users through the open exchange we built.

Also, not only the space, but also all content assets with digital IP such as characters, buildings, and games that will be entered into the space become NFTs that are subject to transaction.

Users are motivated to continue exploring Tlön while earning profits through NFT, and the images of real space collected as users experience Tlön are reflected in Tlön.

In other words, through crowdsourcing in which users participate, it is updated by continuously reflecting the real space, and it becomes more sophisticated as time goes on.

Third, Tlön is created by all users in a Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) method.

Existing metaverse platforms have limitations in terms of UI far from reality, user activity range, occational updates led by platform administrators, and interaction with reality.

However, in Tlön, automatic updates occur as soon as a large number of unspecified users upload actual space images, and users can freely engage in XR service-related activities such as NFT transactions of spaces and contents, advertisements, and navigations.

A more convenient and free connection to the real space through smart devices is also possible.

In this way, Tlön will soon appear in front of you as a wonderful new world where anyone can freely create space and operate according to free decision-making.

Are you ready to show your own world to Tlön, a world that transcends time and space, where anyone can freely experience various experiences and new opportunities without any restrictions?

In the next part, we will explain the techniques used in Tlön!

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