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No Matter How Complex a Large Shopping Mall is, it Will Feel Like Your Home with Maxvi.

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

There is Starfield COEX Mall, a large shopping mall that covers 43,000m in Seoul, Korea,

However, those who have visited COEX might experience a difficult situation even if you use the guide map if you try to find a restaurant or store you want, as there are so many stores in the vast space spread out in a labyrinth-like structure.

Even with a general map application, COEX Mall is indoors and GPS does not work well, my location is reflected incorrectly.

In this situation, you need a perfect navigation that helps you to check your exact location and guides you to the destination with an arrow in front of your eyes.

MAXST recently developed Maxvi, an indoor AR navigation that helps you move to the desired location in any complex place really easily by applying our VPS (Visual Positioning Service) technology. 🤩

The following characteristics of Maxvi greatly reduce the time and effort to find your way.

1. Accurate Directions through AR Arrows


If you look at the smartphone screen on the left, you can see the blue arrow augmented to the destination you want to go. When you run the Maxvi app on your smartphone and select a destination, these AR arrows are augmented on the screen so you can get to your destination without any deviation.

2. Show the Distance and the Time Left to the Destination


Maxvi also shows the distance and time remaining to the destination on the top screen. You can see in real time how many meters are left to the store that you want to go and how many minutes it will take, so you can plan your travel route and time in a large space.

3. Check Your Current Location with a Mini Map


The mini-map is shown in the lower right screen of Maxvi. With the mini-map, you can intuitively grasp your location in a large space and the remaining distance to your destination, which is very helpful in resolving the anxiety when searching for directions.

4. Check Store Information with AR Signboards


Finally, you can instantly check the store, the products on sale, and promotions through the AR signage, which is augmented every time you pass in front of the store.

How amazing it is!

If you want to see Maxvi demo in detail, please watch the video below. 👇

Currently, Maxvi is in the stage of being developed as a pilot project in COEX indoors and outdoors through a consortium with large corporations since 2020! With full-scale commercialization this year, we plan to expand the application area to many large domestic and overseas stores.

If you are curious about MAXST's Virtual Convergence Technology (XR), please check the MAXST platform and solution’s official websites below.

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