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MAXST AR SDK Use Case - Color Mapping AR App

Updated: Feb 8

Color Mapping project, developed by AIRAR, can augment colored objects, with the help of MAXST AR SDK.

You can create this Color Mapping app as shown in the video above with Unity.

It's very easy process so please follow us as below.

1. Create Project

- Create an empty Unity 3D project.

2. Switch platform to Android

3. Set the setting as below

4. Visit GitHub site URL that is written below and download zip file


5. Import Sample Package

- Unzip the file that was downloaded from the site above and import ColorMappingWithMAXSTARSample.unitypackage. This file is located in Sample Folder > ColorMapping-master > ColorMappingWithMAXSTARSample.unitypackage.

6. Also import MAXST AR

7. See AIRAR sample as below

8. Import Native Library

- For Android, import ‘,’ , for iOS import ‘libAirarColorMap.a, opencv2.framework’ .

9. Player Setting for Android

10. Player Setting for iOS

11. Build

- Click Build and you can enjoy Color Mapping AR!

If an expected error occurs, (dll import error after build) move Plugins - Android - libs - arm64-v8a - file to Plugins - Android -

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