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5 Amazing AR Applications that Applied MAXST AR SDK

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Today, I would like to introduce some AR applications that applied MAXST AR SDK.

1. AI Experts – talking avatars in minutes

This is an AR application that allows you to create avatars using selfies or photos of other people. It is not just about creating an avatar.

Use Google sheet to enter your desired question and answer, and the created avatar will answer, speak and even show gestures according to the script.

Have conversations with avatars created using pictures of yourself or acquaintances!

2. Fire Bible for Kids Devotional

This is an AR application designed to make it easier for children to study the Bible.

When a specific page of the Bible purchased from the website above👆 is illuminated by an application, the contents of the Bible book are augmented so that children can study the Bible more easily.

3. Professor Maxwell’s VR Magic

If you place the PROFESSOR MAXWELL’S VR MAGIC app on each page in the textbook, Professor Maxwell is augmented and explains magic tricks to children.

AR and VR are provided at the same time, so children can experience various magic tricks with Professor Maxwell.

4. Appear Alive

As a marketing tool using AR, you can implement AR in the form of selfies / chroma key shooting / avatars.

5. Inspired Science 3D

This AR application is an app to help students study science.

If you recognize the target in the science fellowship through the app, the structure of cells and the structure of the human body are augmented, making it an app that makes difficult science more interesting and easier to understand.

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