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Vote for MAXST on 2022 AUGGIE AWARDS!

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

MAXST's Maxverse SDK, which provides the best development environment for anyone to implement metaverse was nominated for Best Developer Tool​ at Auggie Awards!🤩

The Auggie Awards, held annually tied to the AWE conference series since 2010, is the most recognized award in the AR&VR industry.

MAXST submitted the Maxverse SDK to the Auggie Awards at the same time as deciding to participate in AWE USA 2022 to be held in June.

Actually, we showed Maxverse as an integrated metaverse app in the last year’s post


This year we made this Maxverse a platform (SDK) for the development of XR content.

Because Maxverse SDK provides an intuitive XR content development tool based on Unity, developers will be able to conveniently develop metaverse apps by using it.

With this, not only can you develop AR app and VR web simultaneously with one content, but you will also be provided with a simulation environment where you can test and develop AR and VR apps without going to the actual site.

In addition, you will be able to directly transform the real world into XR metaverse space by means of camera scans through spatial map CMS and authoring tools.

As described above, with the features of the Maxverse SDK, it is possible to implement a wide range of metaverse environments, from AR/VR directions, advertisements, games, and exhibition contents to XR Telepresence where virtual and reality coexist, such as the video below👇.

This year's theme for AWE is the XR we want to build.

That's why we hope that Maxverse SDK will win the final selection as the Best Developer Tool at the Auggie Awards!

For this, it is also very important to win the interest of many people as well as the unique technology of Maxverse SDK.

If you are interested in this,

please refer to the process below and vote for MAXST's Maxverse SDK!🙇‍♀️

[How to Vote for AWE 2022 Auggie Awards]

1. Access the AWE Auggies Awards website

2. Click View Nomination And Vote

3. Sign up (Register) after entering your name, email, phone number, and password

4. Log In

5. Click Best Developer Tool

6. Click ♡Vote on Maxverse SDK

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